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Feather Facts for Kids and Adults:


Swashbuckling Talking Parrots

Icebreaker Sounds? Talking parrots, squawking parrot toys and fine feathers rule. The above video gives hints into Dolly's character during a side-trip into her pending series. (50 seconds)

Transcript: Toys, sand and a flat beach ball; stuff strewn all along the hall. When guests won't clean, Dolly packs it all. Dolly is the Queen of Gall! May our friends from the wild, touch man, woman and child.

All Seasons? Learn interesting facts from this chatty bird. Dolly's articles feature parrots in captivity and in the wild. Bird care, feeding, training and habits should hurry the wait for mainstream books.

Net Neutrality? This site links to other creative animal friends. Soar with flying stingrays. Adventure with sharks and armadillos. Water and land animals grace Little Ray's Children's Books.

On the Edge? Learn about the miraculous possibilities of animal spirits. Scare up everyone's favorite Goopy Ghost. Find something new each month on each page of each site. Don't get left behind.