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This parrot official site is about talking parrots, squawking parrot toys and other fine feather information from Dolly the Parrot. Her reading video gives hints about her character. It offers a brief side-trip into the first book in her pending series about swashbuckling talking parrots. The video offers a fun introduction to Dolly the Parrot with fun parrot information for children and scalawags. The words are: “Toys, sand and a flat beach ball; stuff strewn all along the hall. When guests won't clean, Dolly packs it all. Dolly is the Queen of Gall! May our friends from the wild, touch man, woman and child.” (50 seconds) This text does not form part of any of Dolly the Parrot's pending titles in her swashbuckling series of articles, books and reading videos.

You'll learn interesting facts in Dolly' parrot official site. Each of Dolly the Parrot's articles is about swashbuckling talking parrots in captivity and in the wild. Reading the feather information for children and scalawags about the care, feeding, training and habits of parrots on Dolly's website and in the reading video. Jump from any page on this official site to meet her other creative friends. Soar with flying stingrays. Adventure with sharks and armadillos. Learn interesting facts about these amazing water and land animal fro Little Ray. Scare up everyone's favorite friendly, goopy ghost. Spirit-filled articles may hurry the wait for books about parrots from Dolly. Look for something new on each page of each website, each month.