October 2018 by V. R. Duin


The world helps those
Who try and try
And truly work
To fly and fly.

Children like action video instruction and trying new things, so V. R. Duin features armadillo, ghost, parrot, stingray and shark adventures that promote achievement for children with important dreams of flying.

Positive example motivates children to try new things. Dolly the Parrot offers her own action video on the home page of this site. Until publication of her series, she shares Little Ray's dreams of flying.

Children pay attention to adventurous quests and mysteries. They lose interest in boring facts and confusing explanations. They engage with V. R. Duin's deliberate blend of fantasy and fact-based reality.

Boys and girls enjoy feats of problem solving. Experiments and experiences of armadillos, ghosts, parrots, stingrays and sharks motivate kids to learn and try new things to achieve success with goals.

Life lessons can be assisted by the use of technology. State-of-the-art technology stores examples, methods and data. Automation speeds research to improve productively for effective expansion of knowledge and skills.

V. R. Duin's stories are inspirational, informative and exciting. The storied escapades, videos and articles help children explore their world, reach for new heights and separate real possibilities from sheer fantasy.

Animals and spirited ghosts capture attention. Follow links to the author's Reading Rates mission for literacy and numeracy, to her tech tips for writing colleagues and to sites with other-worldly dimensions.

Work is a path to accomplishment. A video distilled from The Amazing Flight of Little Ray gives a peek into the published title. A young stingray takes on the challenge of flying like a bird.

The lessons are from nature. As often is the case with something new, Little Ray faces setbacks. He persists. The complete story and the video extract provide fuel for conversation about important life matters.

Little Ray promotes achievement in children. Goal setting, practice drills and perseverance in the face of adversity are featured in the following animation. The caper shows how persistent effort contributes to goals.

The video presents one of many themes in the story. The full book stresses the importance of parental guidance and oversight for early efforts and much, much more. The video uses illustrations from the book. (21 seconds).