October 2019 by Terry Verduin


The world helps those
who try and try
and truly work
to fly and fly.

Experience how action video instruction, trying new things and help from a friend can work together to promote achievement for children with dreams of flying.

Try New Things

Fantastic Magical Ride? Kids like action videos and challenging the unknown. Find examples in children's books published by Terry Verduin, pen name V. R. Duin, about armadillos, stingrays, sharks and ghosts.

Open Plan? The lessons are from nature. As often is the case with first attempts, Dolly's friend faces setbacks. He persists. Little Ray's story and video below give fuel for conversation with kids about important life efforts.

Engage Attention

Creative Class? Children pay attention to adventurous quests and life mysteries. They lose interest in confusing explanations of boring facts. The author's deliberate blend of fantasy and fact-based reality is engaging.

Ticket to Ride? Life lessons are assisted by technology. State-of-the-art technology stores examples, methods and data. Automation speeds research, improves productivity and hastens expansion of knowledge and skills.

Promote Achievement for Children

All Covered? Boys and girls enjoy problem-solving feats. They want to make innovations and achieve success with goals. Experiences with armadillos, ghosts, parrots, stingrays and sharks motivate youngsters to learn.

Bright Club? Dolly's friends foster achievement. Goal setting, practice and perseverance in the face of adversity are featured in allied stories and animations. Fun capers show how persistent effort paves the way to success.

Take Over

Sweet Spot? The author's storied escapades, videos and articles are inspirational, informative and exciting. Children explore their world, crack ceilings and separate real possibilities from sheer fantasy through action.

Big Picture? Animals and spirited ghosts capture attention. Links carry readers to the author's Reading Rates mission for literacy and numeracy. Mastermind her other-worldly and real-world platforms to reach new heights.

Dreams of Flying

Blue Skies Ahead? Work is a path to accomplishment. Video distilled from The Amazing Flight of Little Ray, on Winging It gives a peek into the published title. A young stingray takes on the challenge of flying like a bird.

Home Team? Success rarely is a solo accomplishment. Teamwork and encouragement from parents and friends are important. Children often test their wings to reach new heights with outside prompting and stimulus.

Double or Nothing

Beyond Humdrum Bounds? Kids seek courage, example and strength of character to follow or surpass. Thrilling applications, rehearsals and exercises with ideas add dimension to living and learning important life skills.

Match Play? Fish and birds are disciplined, tireless, serene and instinctive. Their movements may reduce anxiety, stress, blood pressure and heart rate. Productivity, concentration, motivation, positivity and focus may improve.

Help from a Friend

Takeaway? The beauty and tranquil sounds of nature offer peace. Calming sounds and images of the animal world provide a soothing escape for healthy living. Little Ray and Dolly are available online for friends, days and nights.

Doubling Down? Positive example coaxes children to try different things. Dolly urges readers to explore and learn throughout this site. While her work advances, Little Ray demonstrates his perseverance against all odds.

Main Attraction

Forward Thinking? The desire to learn more about stingrays, sharks and birds may become “addictive”. The video is free of dangers as are Little Ray Children's Books. The animations build on book illustrations.

Tool Kit? The transcript follows: Life is visions, and illusions; make decisions, fight delusions. Some illustrations and the basic concept come from Little Ray content; the words do not. (21 seconds)