rule the roost
November 2018 by V. R. Duin


One day, Lucy devised a plan,
That she whispered secretly to her gran.
She knew how to fix those guests
And stop them from becoming pests!

Dolly the Parrot is given a plan by a caring child to rule the roost with her blue fronted amazon talking ability in parrot books for children.

Dolly the Parrot is among the top birds with speaking ability. Dolly learns to rule the roost with her talk. Thanks to a caring child and her daring grandmother, the story of Dolly's blue fronted amazon talking ability will be published in parrot books for children. Until then, this parrot is sharing a lot of free information. This way, friends can rule the roost, too. Blue amazon parrots live a long time. Dolly hopes friends will hang around with her for at least one hundred years. Depending on the type of parrot, these birds roost in trees, in the ground, in cliffs and in other hollow spaces. While people are looking for parrots, publishers are looking for ideas. Ideas can go “viral” in websites, social media, video, animation or sound. Many ideas take off as films or in articles. Then, they are picked up by the publishing world. Dolly cares about nesting. She hopes to spread awareness about birds' needs and homes. This work may get her blue fronted amazon parrot books for children into readers' hands.

Blue fronted amazon talking ability is behind the parrot reading video and parrot blog articles on this website. If Dolly can rule the roost online, there is hope for other friends with publishing goals. Dolly hopes to be an example in the hard business of publishing. Getting friends interested in new parrot information is a fun way to start. Blue fronted amazon parrots get along well with people. Readers, who are watching Dolly build content, may get ideas for their own work. Dolly's work may attract attention to published books about her friends. While Dolly pulls together her parrot books for children, she is following her friends' examples. Goopy Ghost, Little Ray, Shark and the Foxy Armadillos beat her books to press. Friends can make important connections for one another. Dolly is fine if one of her creative friends rules the roost and leads her work into mainstream.

The huge amount of free, online content makes it very difficult for new characters to become magnets for a following. This blue fronted amazon parrot knows people are interested in things that surprise through movement and sound. Dolly makes loud squawks between her words. The competition in self-publishing makes noise important to get attention. Dolly talks quietly with friends. So readers will not block, avoid or skip past her posts and Web pages, Dolly does not advertise anything for sale. Instead, she provides fun insights and interesting information about the parrot jungle. The goal is to connect her following and friends to an influential individual or organization. Already established and highly celebrated brands that rule the roost are good resources for all creative individuals. A star, who is willing to add blue fronted amazon talking ability to a line of parrot books for children, may help other friends.

While Dolly's parrot books for children are waiting to go to press, she keeps busy. The information for bird lovers, bird owners and bird breeders in her video and in the articles on this website are full of facts and fun. The focus is on building fun content of interest about parrots. The tech-savvy children and adults, who are following this parrot, will not just learn about birds. Dolly wants friends to rule the roost with creative, forward-thinking content and ideas. Dolly is willing to brainstorm with friends. Most parrots require a lot of care and attention. Followers of Dolly the Parrot and her friends have her full attention. She is trying to keep up with the changing digital landscape. Her work with technology, publishing and social media may help friends. Friends are invited to talk to Dolly as they build their own platforms. With encouragement, Dolly may accelerate the release of her swashbuckling series of parrot books for children. Everyone benefits by ruling the roost with Dolly's blue fronted amazon talking ability.

Blue Fronted Amazon Talking Ability

  • rule the roost Dolly says:

    To rule the roost, this Amazon Parrot is steeped in the technology of the online world, where she can help children learn about talking parrots.

  • Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot Dolly says:

    A caring child teaches a Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot how to talk in the first book in Dolly's pending series.

    • Parrot Books for Childrenadmin says:

      Most parrots can to learn to speak, but few of them develop the language skills taught to Dolly in her parrot books for children.