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November 2018 by V. R. Duin


One day, Lucy devised a plan,
That she whispered secretly to her gran.
She knew how to fix those guests
And stop them from becoming pests!

Dolly the Parrot is given a plan by a caring child to teach how to rule the roost with blue fronted amazon talking ability in articles from pending parrot books for children.

Rule the Roost means to take charge. Making decisions and being the boss is natural with birds. Roosters offer common examples of bird policing powers. Some chicks and kids are born naturals.

Dolly the Parrot is among the birds with superior speaking ability. Blue Fronted Amazon Parrots rank highly for high-quality speech. Thanks to a caring child and her daring grandmother, Dolly learned to talk.

This parrot shares free information. Ideas can go “viral” in websites, social media, video, animation or sound. Many ideas take off as films or in articles.

Blue amazon parrots live for about one hundred years. Dolly hopes friends will hang with her for at least that long. She is spreading awareness about birds, while working to get her books into children's hands.

Dolly hopes to set an example in the hard publishing business. While people are looking for parrots, publishers are looking for new concepts. Getting friends interested in birds is a fun way to establish roots.

Blue fronted amazon parrots get along well with people. Readers, who are watching Dolly build content, may get ideas for their own work. While Dolly pulls together avian information, she is following friends.

Goopy Ghost, Little Ray, Shark and the Foxy Armadillos beat her to press. Friends can make important connections for one another. Dolly is fine if one of her avant-guard colleagues leads her work into mainstream.

Sometimes, Dolly squawks. The huge amount of free, online content makes it very difficult for new characters to become magnets for a following. People are interested in things that surprise with movement and sound.

Dolly is gentle with her audience. So readers will not block, avoid or skip past her posts and Web pages, she provides free insights and information about the avian jungle.

Dolly wants to brainstorm. The goal is to champion original prototypes for adoption by influential individuals or organizations. Established and highly celebrated brands are in search of forward-thinking content.

Dolly keeps busy. The focus is to generate content of interest. Tech-savvy children and adults, who are following this parrot, will not just learn about birds. She is a good resource for trailblazing creators.

Followers of this parrot and of her collaborators have full attention. Most birds require ongoing care and maintenance. Dolly turns the tables with technology, publishing and social media to help friends.

Friends are invited to interact with Dolly as they develop their own platforms. She will share her insights about trending technology and wildlife issues. Everyone benefits from collaboration.

In the following video, some of V. R. Duin's “grand chicks” show true leadership. There is accompanying sound. The video was provided courtesy of her daughter. (45 seconds)